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Bio Sculpture - Ethos Lavender Base

Bio Sculpture - Ethos Lavender Base

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    Lavender Base is a luxurious and effective nail treatment, specifically formulated to soothe, treat and restore damaged nails. Infused with the soothing and calming scent of lavender, this premium base coat is designed to provide intense nourishment and hydration to dry, brittle and damaged nails.

    Made with a blend of natural ingredients, including lavender oil, vitamin E and keratin, Lavender Base works to strengthen and repair damaged nails, while also providing a protective barrier to help prevent further damage. Its unique formula helps to improve the overall appearance of your nails, leaving them looking healthy, strong and resilient.

    To use, simply apply a thin layer of Lavender Base as a base coat before your regular nail colour. Use regularly for best results and enjoy the luxurious spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Indulge in the ultimate nail care with Lavender Base, and experience the difference in the look and feel of your nails.