Our Products


ASAP distinguishes itself from other skin care companies in its determination to keep the process simple. Recognising that the vast array of skin care products on the market today can be daunting, ASAP has developed a concise doctor formulated range of easy to use products that are effective, affordable and available only from trained skin care professionals, doctors and dermatologists.


Dr. J Skincare & Organics


DRJ Organics is dedicated to your skins health. The product development team made up of naturalists, skincare professionals, and biochemists from the field of dermatology combines the modern science of all-natural formula development, and cosmeceutical research to formulate the safest and most nourishing products for your skin as well as other concerns.



Algologie utilises the natural strength and powers of the sea. It is from this exquisite sea garden that are sourced Algologie’s active ingredients to develop a potent cosmetic secret which continually revitalises the skin.  It contains an exclusive bio-mimetic complex composed of 4 active ingredients sourced from extremophile plants selected for their ability to meet the vital needs of the 4 fundamental skin cells.  There are four seaweed colours blue green, red and brown.  Each of them loaded with its own range of health and beauty properties.



Fleur De Mer Cosmeceuticals

Australian owned skin care company.  These products are formulated with unique technology to provide quick, visible results to satisfy the huge demand of non-surgical skincare.  This highly active range includes Vitamin A, C and E treatments, Fruit Acid Peels and award winning 30+ Sun products.


St Tropez isn’t just about a boost of colour – it’s about a boost of confidence too, which is why we deliver a tan that help you look good and feel great, so that you can glow from inside out. St Tropez spray tanning solution has been designed for the professional spray tanner. St Tropez  spray tans are fast drying, non sticky, and odourless and provides the customer with a very natural looking colour. St Tropez is designed for all skin types, from fair to medium and olive complexions. All customers will walk away with a unique natural looking tan and keep coming back for more.


Naked Tan

Naked Tan is the the first choice in Natural Sunless Tanning, Pioneer of the original 2-hour wash ‘n’ wear philosophy. Created in 2005, the natural sunless tanning product was developed and researched for a period of 2 years prior to its launching as the world’s first in 2007. Nowwith a 5-year proven formula, Naked Tan has an established position and is the market leader.